Our Vision

The object of "XNET" is to provide Happiness and Satisfaction to clients and business partners by providing most reliable quality and service in the information, communication technology solutions along with a life-lasting trust.

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Our Mission

XNET have mission to be number one as Multi Play Solutions in Indonesia.
XNET will always expanding reach by opening partnership services.
XNET will establish close cooperation with network providers and service providers in Indonesia put forward principles stable and trusted telecommunication network.

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why xnet

XNET is a leading IT company that provides the best service to customers with optimal and competitive solutions and services.

why xnet

XNET is provide services and the right solution for our customers to keep up with technology.

why xnet

XNET is provide quality products and service with after-sales maximum service to every customer.

why xnet

XNET strives to meet customer needs with technology, of infrastructure, and human resources that are reliable and certified.

why xnet

XNET will evolve through collaboration with customers to create the conditions of growth and development together with our customers.

About Us

LAYANAN INTERNET SAKTI (XNET) is Internet Service Provider company and IT Solution Company. Along with the rapid development of technology and its relationship ~ with the business we are present in the world of information technology to provide solutions, planning, and strategy as maximum added value to the needs and problems in the field of Information Technology.

With the support of professional and experienced in their field, we will continue to strive to meet all the needs of information technology required by the customer.

Most importantly, we are continuing to develop a company culture in giving the best service we can for the customers. We are ready to give the best service available. XNET is associated with high quality and highly reliable Internet services, highly professional and responsive technical support staff, as well as the pioneer in innovation and adoption of advanced technologies to meet all the customers’ demand in Internet services.

"Core Values

Our core values of Love, Inspiring, Services are reflected in every task and every project that we have with all our customers and clients to be happy and success.


XNET committed to presenting product works that are loved by customers and provide service full of love (sincere and affection)


XNET committed to be always provide the inspiration of ideas, creative, and innovative product ideas.


XNET committed to providing good service from every core business which is the work guideline for all XNET employees.